I am a big fan of the spring. It is the time when nature wakes up from the long dark foggy winter nap, when everywhere you look you see this


and all you want to do is sit outside and listen to the birds sing.

I often have flashbacks that start this way: “this day a year ago”.
This day a year ago I would wake up every night to check my email. The windows of my room were covered in frost, but I knew that it would thaw under the stubborn northern sun later in the day. I had hope, I had hope for the warm days to come soon, and I had hope that my life would change.

I would wake up every night to check my email, hoping to see a letter of acceptance to UBC. One night it came. I remember this feeling: my heart started beating faster, blood rushed to my cheeks, and I thought “Wow, now what?”

Now I am here, sitting under a blossoming cherry tree, thinking about my final paper on case study. It is that time of the year again, though. Time to set new goals and hope for something good to happen soon.

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