LE Town

Last week UBC Learning Exchange held a day long event — The LE Town! For one day both floors of the Learning Exchange were transformed into an interactive space with a cinema, Mahjong class, French class, Dancing studio, tea room and many other fun town “stations”!
While the regular classes were suspended, most of the learners were able to try new things, share their knowledge and exchange ideas. For one day there were no teachers and students, but a one community of peers who were engaged in collaborative projects.

Even though I usually facilitate EAL conversation groups and occasionally give intercultural communication workshops, last week I got to lead a salsa dancing class! I haven’t danced salsa for a while and it was so refreshing to practice some steps along with other “town folk”. My workshop was short, but sweet and I am very honoured to have been invited to participate in this beautiful event!

Check out this beautiful visual evaluation made by students visiting from Guelf:


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