An Open Letter to the BC Minister of Advanced Education

Adult Basic Education is a Basic Right

An Open Letter to the BC Minister of Advanced Education On behalf of colleagues from public post-secondary institutions throughout BC, we would like to add our voices to the outcry over the Ministry’s recent decision around funding reductions and tuition for Adult Basic Education. With respectful acknowledgement of the more recently announced transition funding, we remain resolute in our plea to keep ABE tuition free in BC. This letter represents the voice of British Columbia’s ABE instructors who come to work every day to help others better their lives, lay a foundation for further education, graduate high school, and improve employability and life management skills. Their students are missing components of their education, components which hold them back in life and work, components considered basic and to which they are rightfully entitled. ABE students, as a group, comprise some of the most vulnerable citizens in the country. They return to…

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