PhoneMe: creating poems together

Today is week seven of the PhoneMe project, that Digital Literacy Centre is developing together with the UBC Learning Exchange. The project brought together a wonderfully talented group of people who meet every Friday at 1.30pm and write, read and celebrate the beauty of the spoken word and the power it has to transform the lives in the community.

Today in our workshop we gave ourselves freedom to create new words. The exercise is simple. First, you make four lists of words: nouns, adjectives,  verbs, and affixes. Here are my lists:

  1. Nouns: book, snow, bus
  2. Adjectives: heavy, packed, blinding
  3. Verbs: to read, to fall, to run
  4. Affixes: un-, -en,-ful

Next, you are asked to create new words by combining the words from your lists. Here are some of my words:

  1. heavybooked
  2. snowfallen
  3. runful, busful
  4. runpack
  5. unread
  6. heavyful

Next, you are asked to create a poem using these new words.

Wishful thinking



I’m heavybooked

making my way

through a snowfallen day.

Oh! To unread all those emails,

to unpack all those bags, totes, and backpacks

and to make a bussful run in the opposite direction!

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