PhoneMe poems

Here is one more poem I wrote during PhoneMe workshop last week. If you want to explore our interactive map, go to 

Prompt: Write about something insignificant. 


 to Dust 




I want to lift you up,

your name, oh Dust!

and glorify your presence.


You are the pollen

of morning roses.

The layered beauty

of leaves and petals.

You are the fibers

of teary love notes.

The softened scratches

of midnight passions.

You are the soil

of marshes, meadows.

The deafening roars

of mighty oceans.

You are the essence

of human nature.

Our skin, our hair,

our breath, our heartbeat.


Majestic Dust!

As ancient as

the burnt meteorites

At the birth of  planets.

As regal as

the rarest jewels

At the feet of victors.


I want to lift you up,

towards the sun

oh, Dust!

and bask in your golden glory.

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