IMG_2846My research interests include:

  • Language socialization
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Community-based research
  • Adult ESL Education

Most recent research presentations:

Balyasnikova, N. (2015). Analysis of a community-based ESL program as a site for identity negotiation. Poster presented at TESOL Doctoral Research Forum, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N. (2015). Using pop-culture to build intercultural competence in EFL classroom. Paper presented at TESOL Convention, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N. (2015). Adult ESL program as a grassroots community building practice. Paper presented at Canadian Society for Studies in Education Annual Conference , Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N. (2015). Intercultural Communicative Competence, can and should it be assessed? Poster presented at Canadian Committee of Graduate Students in Education Annual Conference, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N., Kowkabi, N., Moon, A., Sohn, B. (2015). Difficult moments in the classroom: navigating challenges of practice. Paper presented at Investigating Our Practices, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N., Surtees, V. (2015). Intercultural mission of culture clubs: the case of “Russian Circle”. Paper presented at Learning at Intercultural Intersections, Kamloops, BC, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N. (2014). Models of intercultural competence: looking back, looking forward. Paper presented at CILS 10th Research Symposium, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N. (2014). Teacher goes back to school: back to square one. Paper presented at EDCP Graduate Student conference, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

Balyasnikova, N. (2013). Use of collaborative online writing to promote intercultural awareness in ESL settings. Paper presented at BC TEAL, Lower Mainland Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Please see my full CV   for more information on my research and publications.

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