IMG_2846My research interests include:

  • Language socialization
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Community-based research
  • Adult ESL Education

Over the years, I have been given an opportunity to work on a number of exciting research projects. The most recent include community-based arts-based Phone.Me project,  Peers Helping Peers: A Case Study of a Community-Based ESL Program conducted with the UBC Learning Exchange, and Identity and Belonging to the “Russian Circle” which was developed and conducted with my colleague and friend Victoria Surtees.

My most recent research presentations:

James, K., Pena, E., Balyasnikova, N., Takeda, Y. (2017). Future practices in digital literacy: knowledge mobilization, computational thinking, community-engagement. Panel presentation at Canadian Society for Studies in Education Annual Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada.

(2017). PhoneMe: Digital project of engaging with public voices. Paper presented at C2U International Expo. Vancouver, Canada

(2017). Intersectionality for intercultural communication beyond culture. Paper presented at 51st TESOL Convention, Seattle, WA, USA.

(2016). Peer-led ESL program that works: A community-based study. Paper presented at 50th TESOL Convention, Baltimore, MD, USA.

(2016). Immigrant narratives for informing and transforming language teaching and learning. Panel presentation at 50th TESOL Convention, Baltimore, MD, USA.

(2016). Optimising acquisition and minimizing interference: teaching vocabulary in a trilingual educational context. Poster presented at AAAL Conference, Orlando, FL, USA.

Surtees, V., Balyasnikova, N. (2016). Why choose only one? Interviewing multilingual speakers in their many languages. Paper presented at AAAL Conference, Orlando, FL, USA.

(2016). Critical dimensions of intercultural communication: Moving beyond theories, enhancing practice. Paper presented at CERCLL 5th International Conference, Intercultural Competence: Traditions and Transitions, University of Arizona, AZ, USA.

(2015). Using pop-culture to build intercultural competence in EFL classroom.  Paper presented at 49th TESOL Convention, Toronto, ON, Canada.


Please see my full CV   for more information.

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