Where is your home?

I absolutely love this Ted Talk.

Many of us – international students – can relate to Pico Iyer’s experience while answering a simple question: “Where are you from?”

Yesterday I used the word “home” twice. The first time was at breakfast, I was telling my friend how often I call home (meaning my parents in Russia). Then, a couple of hours later I was in the library, thinking I have to get back home (Green College here on campus) to get my charger. So I can’t give one answer to the question where home is anymore.

Marina Abramovic and Ulay

When I read about this performance art I was not impressed. I remember telling my friends that contemporary art has become something that I’d never get. “Why would you want to sit and stare at someone”, I thought.
But truth be told, sometimes it’s better to watch a video like this, than to read a review.
I was wrong.