Academic writing is hard work. My mother, who is an amazingly productive and rigorous researcher, would always tell me that getting to writing was the most dreaded part of her day. Nevertheless, she made it into a habit and sticks to it to this day.

I am not as amazing and disciplined as my mother, but I try to write a bit every so often. I also try to venture outside traditional academic genres and engage with the larger public by writing in newsletters and producing creative work. Writing requires considerable effort, time, and support; because of this I work as an editor of two newsletters (BCTEAL and TESOL ICIS) and assist colleagues who want to publish their work in these venues.

Refereed Journal Articles

Balyasnikova, N., Hume, M., Higgins, S. (accepted). Enhancing EAL practice through playfulness: Seniors (ethno)Drama Club in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. TESOL Journal.

Balyasnikova, N. (in progress). Transformative learning through community-based volunteering: a community of practice perspective.

Surtees, V., & Balyasnikova, N. (2016). Culture clubs in Canadian higher education: Examining membership diversity.  Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education, 7(1), 66–73.

Conference Proceedings

(2012). Use of media resources in critical and civic literacy development. Proceedings of IFLA Satellite Pre-Conference: Information for Civic Literacy, Riga, Latvia.

Peer-led program that works. The Newsletter for Association of B.C. Teachers of English as an Additional Language. 

Upon arrival: Language proficiency as a gatekeeper for professional communities of practice. The Newsletter for NNEST Interest Section, TESOL. 

My experience with English: The game of chutes and ladders. The Newsletter for Association of B.C. Teachers of English as an Additional Language, 24-27.

Mobility grants for emerging professionals. Pedagogicheskie Vesti, the newspaper of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.

My experience as a Fulbrighter / Russians in America. Fulbright Herald.




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